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Conferences, Workshops & Seminars



Conference panel
Combining Drugs. Polytherapy and the Association of Medicinal Substances in Asia
20-23 July 2017, Chiang Mai

Circulation et industrialisation des matières médicales traditionnelles. L'artemisinine, un médicament anti-malaria
24 May 2016, Paris

EHESS Lecture series
Vietnamese medicine for Vietnamese people
12 April 2016, Paris

EHESS Lecture series
Slow Medicines in Fast Times. Tibetan Medical Responses to Disaster
8 December 2015, Paris

Governance and Circulation of Asian Medicine
22-23 September 2015, Singapore

Conference Panel
Crossing Epistemological Landscapes
6-10 July 2015, Paris

Study Seminar
From Social Life to Interactive Playing Fields: The "Pharmaceutical" Artemisinin and the "Herbal" Artemisia annua
12 May 2015, Paris

Treatments and Recipes of Tibetan Medicine against Stress-related Disorders
1-3 May 2015, London

Conference Panel
Globalizing Therapeutic Techniques and Industrial Products in Asian Medicine
12-14 February 2015, Paris

Study Seminar
Partial Publics: The Political Promise of Contemporary Traditional Medicine in Africa
10 February 2015, Paris

Study Seminar
Institution and the Wild: Salvaging and Sorting Minority Medicines in China
13 January 2015, Paris

Study Seminar
Pharmaceutical Innovation in Chinese Medicine 
14 January 2014, Paris

Conference Panel
Cultural Concepts and Local Practices of Efficacy and Safety.
Recontextualisation on Production, Circulation and Prescription of Asian Pharmaceuticals
9-13 September 2013, Sancheong

Conference Panel
Drugs' Stories and Itineraries.
On the Making of Asian Industrial Medicines

2-4 September 2013, Driebergen

Conference Panels
Herbal Pharmaceutical Industry in Asia.
Reformulating Drugs for the Global Market

24-27 June 2013, Macao

Study Seminar
Hijacking Biomedical Technologies in Medical Research
12 February 2013, Paris

Study Seminar
The Renewal of Herbal Pharmaceutical Practices
10 december 2012, Paris


The following activities have been conducted in the framework of the ANR-funded Pharmasud Programme (2009-2013), which served as a basis for establishing PharmAsia.

Innovating from the South: Production, Invention and Appropriation of Pharmaceutical Knowledge in Brazil and India
5-8 March 2012, Rio de Janeiro

Pharmaceutical Innovation in Indian Medicine – Pharmasud Workshop #3
26 April 2011, Paris

Pharmaceutical Innovation in Indian Medicine – Pharmasud Workshop #2

9-11 September 2010, New Delhi

Pharmaceutical Innovation in Indian Medicine – Pharmasud Workshop #1

9-10 February 2010, Pondicherry