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A SPECIAL ISSUE BY M. SCHREMPF and L. SPRINGER (Asian Medicine, 2015 [©2016])


schrempf-springerThis collection of articles opens up new cross-cultural and multidisciplinary ways of understanding efficacy and safety in globalised Asian medicine. Using historical, philosophical, anthropological, and public health approaches, the contributions examine Tibetan and Chinese medicine on their own terms and also in comparison for the first time. They contextualise the views of and nurture appreciation for distinct actors in both Asia and the Euro-American regions who are involved in making, regulating, distributing, prescribing, and consuming Tibetan and Chinese medicines.

Schrempf, M.: Springer, L. eds. (2015). Efficacy and Safety in Tibetan and Chinese Medicine. Historical and Ethnographic Perspectives, Asian Medicine10(1-2), 381 p. [©2016]



1. Editorial
Mona Schrempf and Lena Springer

Part I: Histories and Discourses

2. The Question of Efficacy
Nathan Sivin

3. The Administration of Tibetan Precious Pills
Olaf Czaja

4. The Dangers of ‘Warming and Replenishing’ (wenbu 溫補) during the Ming to Qing Epistemic Transition
Leslie de Vries

5. Safety Net—The Construction of Biomedical Safety in the Global ‘Traditional Medicine’ Discourse
Paul Kadetz

6. The Efficacy of Collaboration: Tibetan Medicine Across Countries and Conversations
Sienna Craig

Part II: Present Practices

7. Collectors, Producers, and Circulators of Tibetan and Chinese Medicines in Sichuan Province
Lena Springer

8. The White Pill: Perceptions and Experiences of Efficacy of a Popular Tibetan Medicine in Multiethnic Rebgong

9. Contingent Efficacies in Buryat Tibetan Medicine
Tatiana Chudakova

10. Contested Issues of Efficacy and Safety between Transnational Formulation Regimes of Tibetan Medicines in China and Europe
Mona Schrempf

11. Promoting Chinese Herbal Drugs through Regulatory Globalisation
Wen-Hua Kuo

Notes From the Field

12. Medicine and Morality in the Ho Family in Lijiang
Shelley Ochs

13. A Tibetan Herbal Formula Understood from a Phytotherapeutical Perspective of TCM
Florian Ploberger

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